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industrial sunset, fog setting

drive-by motel

the roof is the sky

dark tummel stairs to the roof

horizontal and vertical pillars

shadowed by curtained walls


teal and rust

teal and rust (online version) teal and rust 2

Thoughts like dust

On a dirt road

Hung in the air

Particles moving apart

The chaos that will ensue

That is correct

Summer days

summer 2014up by the tracksfence 2014 for the interentclothes line

summer days milling about

the alleys and backyards that

stretch on like a secret maze

always changing

never the same



wood holes copy

boat hulls

blinds 2014 bottom of boat 2014 double exposure 2014 1

river piano

denispiano pianochair

wood. you.



garage doors

against the wall


blue bird



car sandwiches


hobo elite





toes in the water

to the monsters who get away.

bouncy tree

bare footed

ambling over leaves,
fallen trees
in the morning.

split personality

one half.


loaf more

local elementary students showcase their first pieces of stencil art in the derelict forest behind their school. the message is clear.

when i found these piles of abandoned junk tagged up with these motivational words i was so impressed that i was tempted to make a counter comment just to egg them on but i only got this far;
‘it may or may not happen’
‘do more or less sometimes’

can do

the water’s edge

beauty’s reflection in the glass of water

the magic that creates fairytales
the paired loons laugh, giggle
at our absurd paddle boat antics

Duo tang

Upon a pivot they turn
Pursuing separate arcs
Definite, but together.

light action

a comfort in the dark


in the midst of a journey it is easy to forgets where exactly you are going or where in fact home is. the world becomes a fantastical place filled with unbounded possibilities and newness. we collect souvenirs along the way in hopes of keeping a reminder of beauty that was discovered. sometimes these treasures are tokens such as rocks or feathers. sometimes they are memories of places or of kindness and sometimes they are artistic inspiration, an image or an idea. in this case it was an image to frame an idea;

‘homeless hottie, on the corner next to you.’

sumac grove

trespassing on an American farmer’s land for a few photographs while the vespas idle calmly on the side of a dirt road.

party time

If there is one thing that is a common sighting in Detroit, it is the ‘party store’. They are typically peppered into the landscape along clusters of abandoned commercial areas on larger roads. They are open from 7am until 2am, save a few exceptions; January 1st: open until 4am, December 24th: closed at midnight and Sundays they do not open until 12pm, as a consideration for church goers. You can often cash checks, buy liquor, cigarettes, lotto tickets and a variety of pops and junk food. They use an elaborate sign campaign to advertise their products, which I liked because many of them date back to the fifties.

The French Canadian version of a ‘party store’ (a term mostly used in the mid-west of the U.S.) is called a Depanneur. The translation of this word to English is “a repairer of breakdowns” or “troubleshoot.”

in the wind

stone wall

layers on layers


ghosts exiting

in quest for adventure
in a pile of sand
on a peninsula

field of dreams

zenith of daylight
summer solstice

the median

this lonely set of highway barriers is a particularly old and beautiful one. i immediately was drawn to them, they had a sort of ancient throne appeal. the common barrier that you would find on a highway (also known as a jersey barrier or k-rail in the more western states) was originally designed for the safety of pedestrians as well as the elimination of head on collisions but has had arguable impacts on the movement of animals. the jersey barrier has more recently been deployed in anti-terrorism plights due to the durability of their reinforced steel design. their advantage in battle is their moveable but semi-permanent nature. but i must ask the question of this need for separation, if the lines are ephemeral how does one know what side of the line one is standing on?

cross hatching

a linear representation of shadow

parallel lines crossing on an angle

edge of the pond

it is as if they were the beginnings of frogs emerging from some melted run off water, mere tadpoles with transforming bodies. a huddled mass of a new years hatch, fresh and anticipative for warmer months.

(read in Herzog’s voice)

the crossroads

why is it that strangers rarely if ever collide with one another? is it fear of proximity, intimacy? is it society’s ethics that drive us to comply to politeness or hurried steps?

or is it simply that we are on autopilot, our paths pre-determined in a complex maze of ties and steps?

highway prism

the turcot interchange was originally built as a “dramatic” display of montreal’s global position as a metropolis, yet it has become a crumbling problem. its design accommodated both ships and trains to pass underneath its expansive footprint and in this case, deviant youth.


you may have been there before but not anymore

head in the clouds

picture daydream

a fissure-like crack into a cavern of construction.
manipulations hold time and rule only to a test.
the tame and tribulations coincide in ennui.
playful interactions lend themselves purely.

broken glass

in the darkened belly of places left to sit
creatures become silhouettes against
the light of the whirlwind sun.
gaze they do out into the world
trapped by their own innards
and insecurity.


untouched snow where green grass grows

oh, canada

immigration dreams:

i want to live, here.

the last of the newspaper boxes

it remains one of my favorite weekend routines, to fetch the sunday paper and something fresh for breakfast. then i lounge around in the early morning to read and wonder about the world, until people wake up and get excited to do things.

rippled mirror

Echoes of attraction

extend out into the
mirror of space,
beauty’s symmetry.

last leg of the journey

ominous buildings conceal the snarl toothed beauty of nature.

les belles

Dear Grace and Adam, Siobhan and Dave, Ross and Tara, Eva and Craig, and Nic,

the ‘coon, the skateboard, the buildings, the photos, the beers, the cheeses, the walks, the dances, the sunshine, the queen of sheba cake, the softly boiled eggs, the brunch, the market, the apple, the ride, the crackers, the pate, the shore side.
much obliged.

high vis

civil servant art

outer body experience

lucid perch

moments fluttering with contemplation, self-reflection
images of escaping reality.
an attempt at being grounded
left as shadows cast upon the horizontal.