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sunshine and melting clouds

printed piece of paper

light action

a comfort in the dark

the crossroads

why is it that strangers rarely if ever collide with one another? is it fear of proximity, intimacy? is it society’s ethics that drive us to comply to politeness or hurried steps?

or is it simply that we are on autopilot, our paths pre-determined in a complex maze of ties and steps?

rubbish bin

i got as close as i could. i thought that he might jump me. he has a little bit of that crack fox look, if you know what i mean. we were both out on a limb.

oh, canada

immigration dreams:

i want to live, here.

les belles

Dear Grace and Adam, Siobhan and Dave, Ross and Tara, Eva and Craig, and Nic,

the ‘coon, the skateboard, the buildings, the photos, the beers, the cheeses, the walks, the dances, the sunshine, the queen of sheba cake, the softly boiled eggs, the brunch, the market, the apple, the ride, the crackers, the pate, the shore side.
much obliged.

high vis

civil servant art

paper hearts

hairless bodies clamber within the corridors of their papery spit sack;

ever-expanding production to satisfy the tireless needs of their queen.
the systematic ticking of the gauge as it spins is
patterned with humming wings and scurrying feet.
sensing danger
reaction attack