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Prince De Naw

Hunter Jack, Prince de Naw

glass candy

Much like the movement of bodies of water, the overwhelming volume of experience and space leave us connected with the past, present and future.

siobhans get-a-way

les belles

Dear Grace and Adam, Siobhan and Dave, Ross and Tara, Eva and Craig, and Nic,

the ‘coon, the skateboard, the buildings, the photos, the beers, the cheeses, the walks, the dances, the sunshine, the queen of sheba cake, the softly boiled eggs, the brunch, the market, the apple, the ride, the crackers, the pate, the shore side.
much obliged.

to be a park legend

tender on delicate branches, facing the slope to infinity of a brick wall.
feral city beasts using parks to their maximum.

bus graveyard

where STM’s outdated vehicles go to die.

it used to be the final parking spot for Montreal’s elderly transportation. then one night a hooded figure masked in smoke ran past me and lou made the call to the fire station as one lone bus experienced a viking burial. torched to a crisp, the bus graveyard was no longer a fine canvas for graffiti, but a symbol that the out of function busses needed a new retirement home.

desole hors service

Nerds do

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