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glass candy

Much like the movement of bodies of water, the overwhelming volume of experience and space leave us connected with the past, present and future.

heavy metal

some salvaged flesh of a dead laptop.

some scraps on the floor.

some skin in twisted shards.

full reach rapunzel

edge of the pond

it is as if they were the beginnings of frogs emerging from some melted run off water, mere tadpoles with transforming bodies. a huddled mass of a new years hatch, fresh and anticipative for warmer months.

(read in Herzog’s voice)

been a long time, your clothes or mine?

mustard and chartreuse
wending your way
burgeoning feathers loose
goodbye, you say

not halloween

elements of fun (this time):

1 broken neck

1 apron
1 rain
1 excellent photographer
1 piece of translucent plastic
1 vanessa visit

woodland creatures

there is something special about carrying things around on the ends of sticks. there is also something humorous about going around looking through people’s recycling for tin cans and then hammering holes into them with some finishing touches of garbage bag fringe. some things take a stretch of the imagination and a little bit of effort.

Cereal Killer

once upon a time, in montreal, and in the summer, a few friends met up in an old apartment and set out to have a little fun. as it sometimes is with creative whims, the encouragement of having others around to unravel and roll with peculiar half baked ideas sparks results. the apartment was particularly iconic, in that it had 15foot high ceilings, a second kitchen for us to make an exploding mess in, an antique gas stove and an a old wooden ladder which lead to a

trap-door on the roof. the team, some of whom who have left montreal, were amazing. there were story boarders, directors, technical assistants, special fx people, actors, lovely lunch makers (hold the meal worms) and editor extraodinaire. this film was shot in 2005, and its due time for a sequel i’d say, there’s a new project in the works, so stay tuned.
cast and crew: ben, amy, vanessa, aliya, jessica, victoria, and danny

No Standees Permitted

Vanessa Morrell is faster than boys.

She has hair longer than a pirate’s longest rope.
Vanessa Morrell is a silly goat’s best friend.