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the parade


building dreams

end of the line



raccoon candy-cane

flavor of the week.

old fashioned friends

the light lowered
words lessoned
a photo was snapped and then night came.


a stop by the side of the road to play in tall grass.


“hey do you girls want a paper bag for that beer?”

“um no, not really.”
he hands us a small sized bag from within his bag, identical to the one covering his tall boy of cours light.
“uh thank you,” i respond, covering up the same labeled can in my hand.
“you know that it is a 25 dollar ticket if you get stopped by the police with open beer?”
“wow that is like a deal where we come from.” jessica and i look at each other and nod in agreement.
we all sit on our benches and take a few sips looking out over the water. taking in its horizon.
“you know if you want to find an interesting time you could go down to the public court house. there is always a lot of action there. you don’t even need the ticket.”
“oh ya. i guess that is an idea,” i reply, looking over my shoulder at the tattooed russian hoodlums playing hand ball in cages, glistening with sweat. we sat there and finished our beers as night fell around us. i was quite happy where i was, this place was nutty enough for me.

shark baby

fallen camera rises again

Faced with Plate

dandy lions

if you wake up planning to go to a castle

and find out it has been replaced by a condo
don’t cry in the rain
climb walls that outline a distant castle
a castle so far it is only in your mind
you can hide in the grass
romp in dandelion dander
loiter by highways
and all this will make you feel as grand as any ruined castle ruins

heathcliff’s harem

but the shadows rested longer, and the sunshine was more transient

ballooning with ideas

woodland creatures

there is something special about carrying things around on the ends of sticks. there is also something humorous about going around looking through people’s recycling for tin cans and then hammering holes into them with some finishing touches of garbage bag fringe. some things take a stretch of the imagination and a little bit of effort.

odey mama

first two thoughts of the day:
~must feed odey
~ i don’t post enough…
what were you doing at 9am this morning jc?

eye treats

the last 29 days with my teeth

most people will probably think this a joke. but its not. richard rossetto is the character with the teeth. more recently without. if you have lived in montreal for any good amount of time, you probably have met him. we go back a few years now, back to the days of RichHard. back to the days of softball, white russians, scream singing, and pink panties. i hope its okay to talk about the old days. the old days are where its at these days. i suggest you check out his art at rossettoink.com, he’s really good. anyone who is lucky enough to call rich a friend knows what it’s like for someone to have your back. i’ve learned so much from this guy over the years, and i’m truly lucky to call this man a friend. this is the first video i ever made, and it could have been the last. i’d have been happy with that. the cuts are rough, the framing a little crooked, and the final effect speaks to kind of antics i love. enjoy.

Cereal Killer

once upon a time, in montreal, and in the summer, a few friends met up in an old apartment and set out to have a little fun. as it sometimes is with creative whims, the encouragement of having others around to unravel and roll with peculiar half baked ideas sparks results. the apartment was particularly iconic, in that it had 15foot high ceilings, a second kitchen for us to make an exploding mess in, an antique gas stove and an a old wooden ladder which lead to a

trap-door on the roof. the team, some of whom who have left montreal, were amazing. there were story boarders, directors, technical assistants, special fx people, actors, lovely lunch makers (hold the meal worms) and editor extraodinaire. this film was shot in 2005, and its due time for a sequel i’d say, there’s a new project in the works, so stay tuned.
cast and crew: ben, amy, vanessa, aliya, jessica, victoria, and danny

under the highway

day three, frigid explorations continued through the cold drizzle of impending fall. this huge building leaves you feeling small against the freeway, its haunting echos of sky high traffic vibrate along pane-less corridors of reclaimed territory. it will all be gone and forgotten, but for now it remains a priceless gallery for those who are willing to enter.