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light in the darkness


bike gang

when alcove comes to montreal.

bike gang

bike gang wheels

the parade

raccoon candy-cane

flavor of the week.

the killing scene (out takes)

this is a scene that does not fit the ‘script’.
this is filmed in super 8.
this is the slowest runner in all the world playing their instruments.
this is a bus graveyard.
this is a beautiful frenzy.
this is guts and glory.
this is thank you.

welcome home to alcove

every season is Junk’s favorite season, but when the sun is shining in Alcove , Junk is particularly alluring.

magpies crash, from glinting metal escaping through patches of rust,
Junk cars arrive unannounced in the night to huddle with each other,
farm tools breach former roles to appease the whims of Alcovians.

Bird of Prey

Discovered in the attic of a grandfather house.

it has slowly decomposed allowing the feather to reveal
the fleshy straw of its innards, much like a vulture.

A few wires cage its fragility though it is paraded about town in the passenger seat of a car.
I had been warned not to look into its eyes; I dared and I saw their glassy truth.