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Brattleboro, VT

wild night on the backfire exit

midnight creations

my first day on site

shadows reflections

on top of a burnt mountain in the smoke

BC smoke in the Okanagan 2023

parking lots

simply friends

color, light, shapes

The Biggest car scrapyard in Canada is in Lumby.

the things that money can’t

Maple dr. in a small town called Lumby.

a strange fixation on

chair in the shade

Spring is coming!


side of the road

My creative process is one of constant experimentation, a dance between intuition and intention. Each piece is an invitation to contemplate the beauty in the unexpected.

purple pepper mint

colored cut outs

under water, under twilight

purple planet

subtle grey forms

simple lines in the last days of summer

Vermont colors

Vermont shapes

constructed form, materiality, time

Or, maybe, curtained holes in walls.


a tiny dream


white plastic shapes

Balcony effect


Comet tail

Squirrel nest

Atmospheric river

no no no


color and shape

Curious and contemplative: safe and secure, yet as fragile as a gust of wind or a stone’s throw. 

keep cool

running ditches

grit and gravel

pavement and power lines

spruce and pine

ghost lines just whim

numeric justification

eyebrows, rubbed by frustration

my footprint a blemish

tear drops in the forecast

my shadow moves with me

i put a blanket on it

cuddles with the nocturnal

walls walls walls

chipped paint


ice and snow

where has summer gone?


ray on a front

industrial sunset, fog setting

drive-by motel


x and y

northern graffiti

Planting 2020

These are portraits of people that have planted thousands or millions of trees. During the period of the 2020 Covid pandemic we were in increased isolation with more trees than ever to plant. The aim of this series is to highlight the subjects inner struggle with this isolation through their eyes or gestures, from a two meter frame.

remember horizontal

plastic wrap