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on top of a burnt mountain in the smoke

BC smoke in the Okanagan 2023

The Biggest car scrapyard in Canada is in Lumby.


side of the road

My creative process is one of constant experimentation, a dance between intuition and intention. Each piece is an invitation to contemplate the beauty in the unexpected.

purple pepper mint

colored cut outs

under water, under twilight

subtle grey forms

simple lines in the last days of summer

Vermont shapes

white plastic shapes

Balcony effect

color and shape

Curious and contemplative: safe and secure, yet as fragile as a gust of wind or a stone’s throw. 


icy satellite

burn block;. a crispy chard moon


slot machine glow




Thematic instillations clinging to the dirty yellow coated sweating wall

studio window

right time                        right place                   right light                      right angle


night walks

#1 #2 #3

Windows Wells

window 1 for the internet
window 3 for the internet window 4 for the internet window 6 for the internet


for the internet orange for the internet triangle


for the internet rustyfor the internet rusty 2


pink shades (online version) morning static (online version)

ones and zeros

zero 2 (online version)zero (online version)  1 (online version) me in combination with everything else

throwing down some dirty shapes

container wall 2 (online version)wall white square (online version)geometric vent (online version) white wall bolts (online version) faded wood squares (online version) wood brick cement (online version) wood line dark (online version) simple door plug and white wall(online version)pale northern bleached colors

bruised by abandoned scars

the weight of space

window sill

sometimes the most interesting things can be found on the inside of the pane.

heavy metal

some salvaged flesh of a dead laptop.

some scraps on the floor.

some skin in twisted shards.

heart shaped snowflake

inspired by the massive amount of snow that had fallen and continued to fall we decided to go out into the night and try to capture some of it’s enchantment. out in the alley we attempted to get some action shots of jumping off dumpsters into the puffy blanket but all that produced was strange ghostly flashes. we did however manage to catch this magical moment. it arguably took all the chaos of the universe to procure this chance encounter.