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wish you were here

for prosperity

throwing down some dirty shapes

container wall 2 (online version)wall white square (online version)geometric vent (online version) white wall bolts (online version) faded wood squares (online version) wood brick cement (online version) wood line dark (online version) simple door plug and white wall(online version)pale northern bleached colors

bruised by abandoned scars

the weight of space

Summer days

summer 2014up by the tracksfence 2014 for the interentclothes line

summer days milling about

the alleys and backyards that

stretch on like a secret maze

always changing

never the same


sights set

“deceptive lizard”- Apatosaurus

Marsh, the inventor of the brontosaurus made a purposeful mistake. The bones for his creation were assembled from a head and a body found in separate quarries, as well as in different strata. Yet it remains one of the most complete skeletons ever exposed even to this day. A fabrication of magic and legend warming out hearts to the cold blooded building sized lizard.

One must study their prey before the hunt in order not to be deceived.

paper hearts

hairless bodies clamber within the corridors of their papery spit sack;

ever-expanding production to satisfy the tireless needs of their queen.
the systematic ticking of the gauge as it spins is
patterned with humming wings and scurrying feet.
sensing danger
reaction attack

watchful eyes

blank stares

rats, trash and pigeons

things i miss

things i can do without

things which fly