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Pile up

for internet cones 1 for internet cones 2CONES


for the internet orange for the internet triangle


for the internet rustyfor the internet rusty 2

Lazer wood-cut

cardboard 2015 inverse woodblock cardboard 2015 normal woodblock


teal and rust

teal and rust (online version) teal and rust 2

Thoughts like dust

On a dirt road

Hung in the air

Particles moving apart

The chaos that will ensue

That is correct


pink shades (online version) morning static (online version)

throwing down some dirty shapes

container wall 2 (online version)wall white square (online version)geometric vent (online version) white wall bolts (online version) faded wood squares (online version) wood brick cement (online version) wood line dark (online version) simple door plug and white wall(online version)pale northern bleached colors

bruised by abandoned scars

the weight of space

TV static

TV Static 1 TV static 2