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icy satellite

concordia studio at the beginning


neon light


slot machine glow



a stop animation film, inspired by street culture and human remnants.

art school

tiles2 tiles3

ceramic tiles

the contrast

for the internet 3for the internet 2


an experiment.
a noise project.
a guided meditation.

no experience required.


we don’t mind if you’re new or old to noise or meditation.
if you’re curious to be engaged, to open yourself to new experiences and to hear some noise, then join us.

practice is a series of  group meditations using noise to induce different transcendental states of awareness and being. this meditative noise series was inspired by the theories underpinning sound healing and brain entrainment. research has shown that sound frequencies can impact physical phenomena to the point of transforming the molecular structure of matter.  from this spring board, sound healers were interested in how the natural vibrations of the body are affected by the frequencies of sound. it has been seen that certain frequencies encourage different experiential states, such as divinity, balance, and focus, among others. the solfeggio scale, a 6-tone scale that was used in Gregorian chants is tuned to frequencies that are known to alter states and induce a connected sense of spirituality. in addition,  research on brainwave entrainment theory has gathered substantial evidence showing that brainwaves, which correspond with our mental states as well as our vigilance to consciousness, are influenced by rhythms, pulsations and specific frequencies. thus through sound, we can alter our cognitive and emotional states and we can bend our sense of reality.

wanting to know for ourselves, practice is a serial investigation of the transcendental properties of different frequencies and rhythms. each session features a noise artist, who, informed by their own knowledge of sound and the principles of transformative frequencies, creates a meditative set intended to experiment with the possibility of altering the state of listeners. but we cannot do this alone. join us  and explore your own awareness of noise, space and being.

what to expect:
each session will be different, but will have noise, a guide, a sitting area and a hope that you will engage in listening in an open, meditative, exploratory way.

the series.

find us on facebook.

artists who would like to be involved in future sets, please email me: janntomaro @ gmail.com

Mini bikes goodbye

mini bikes goodbye

fence it.

for the internet 1 for the internet 2 for the internet 3

pieces of time

for the internet

Pile up

for internet cones 1 for internet cones 2CONES

In the dark

for internet 2 for internet 1

Summer Styles

garage door 2014 35mm summer 2014 bike



cone 2 cone 1

locker life

locker1 locker2.5 locker4 locker3 locker2


a yellow sign on a grey wall

wood holesyellow diamonds



the magic


the guest room




just remember



rats get stitches

wood. you.


honey comb


parking lot blues

run off

 Amy Vaillancourt



take a seat, i’ve got two


blue bird


sending out a signal

can you hear me?

raccoon candy-cane

flavor of the week.

siobhans get-a-way

old fashioned friends

the light lowered
words lessoned
a photo was snapped and then night came.

feast on this

Scarlett’s Mask

can do


ghosts exiting

in quest for adventure
in a pile of sand
on a peninsula

safari suffice

you can place her in the city, but the safari stays.

not half full

all that was in the pool is on her mind

vaillancourt and toes.

if you seek a body a water
to cool your feathers,
you may run into amy
and her pet duck, toes.
they never leave each others side.
often, in pursuit of a sitting pond,
they must resort to hoping fences
and illegally quenching their thirsts.

standing giants

steel skeletons exposed against the sky.
a perch for only the bravest of birds.
standing giants

mr. schuster

when i was young i had a teddy. i named him mr. schuster after the man across the street who had cancer and was going to die soon. I wanted his wife to ‘be okay’ when he died.

every night i slept with mr. schuster between my legs, like a preggers with a body pillow.
when the cancerous mr. schuster died, i didn’t tell his wife about my teddy. mr. schuster and i were too close, i didn’t want to share.

after high school mr. schuster and i parted ways. he wasn’t interested in university and even though i wasn’t either, i decided to go, in montreal.

i went to visit mr. schuster recently and he took me out to meet his friends.
it was a pretty wild night.

tree top treason

yellow sun burns

even the trees were crying

cross hatching

a linear representation of shadow

parallel lines crossing on an angle

come join us

in our inner city trailer park
a parking-lot paradise

of high density living
with flexible habitable space
and a lack of rules.

know your neighbors, too well.

mobile homes
pop trailers
sleeping bags

highway prism

the turcot interchange was originally built as a “dramatic” display of montreal’s global position as a metropolis, yet it has become a crumbling problem. its design accommodated both ships and trains to pass underneath its expansive footprint and in this case, deviant youth.


you may have been there before but not anymore

not halloween

elements of fun (this time):

1 broken neck

1 apron
1 rain
1 excellent photographer
1 piece of translucent plastic
1 vanessa visit

frere noga


Merrily the feast I’ll make.
Today I’ll brew, tomorrow bake;
Merrily I’ll dance and sing,
For next day will a stranger bring.
Little does my lady dream
Rumpelstiltskin is my name!

heathcliff’s harem

but the shadows rested longer, and the sunshine was more transient

ballooning with ideas