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Mini bikes goodbye

mini bikes goodbye

3 wheeled bicycle

amy 3 wheeler 3-wheeler-1024x679

jerry can, sandy beach


tricycle, chair


Summer days

summer 2014up by the tracksfence 2014 for the interentclothes line

summer days milling about

the alleys and backyards that

stretch on like a secret maze

always changing

never the same



garage doors


lost and found

the rust indicates a passing of time

the pile suggests a good idea



pool closed

before the rain

murky waters

Alcove Listpoem

Alcove Listpoem

backyard adventures

with prying eyes

and fluttering hearts



run off

 Amy Vaillancourt

canal truck stop

An epic adventure along a dead dream.


through thick and thistle



ice cold

in to the cave of our minds

thick with icy dreams

and thawed sparkles

against the wall


sumac grove

trespassing on an American farmer’s land for a few photographs while the vespas idle calmly on the side of a dirt road.


the street hits back.