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side of the road

My creative process is one of constant experimentation, a dance between intuition and intention. Each piece is an invitation to contemplate the beauty in the unexpected.

Williams lake laudry spot

what is a thought? what is a horizon?

those eyes

the line

in the middle of it all

late night television


I want to speak to sexuality in secluded places, tiny rooms and dark parks, rough conversations about misinterpretation and emotion.  I want you to think the thought, of a tiny flicker, of individual humanity that can exist at the interface of imagination. I saw two girls touching each other on late night television, seemingly enjoying the experience, which I suppose aroused an adolescent reaction in me. But there was no replay in those days so I just let it be a moving event, but that moment in time still bleeds through the layers which have piled on top of it. There is a fascinating clarity to the lack of immediate understanding, by the replacement of thoughts with feelings. A solitary experience viewed, remembered.  Sitting in a dark room with a flicker of light wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing as I was, feeling the same way I felt. 



art school

tiles2 tiles3

ceramic tiles


night walks

#1 #2 #3

pump it up

this sale 2016 for the internet

Mini bikes goodbye

mini bikes goodbye

what was my room

2 3

Submissive mirror



Silence evaporates like puddles

Clay left until it cracks

Pointless to stay

Strange to walk away


Who am I to say regret exists

There are tears in all our eyes

3 wheeled bicycle

amy 3 wheeler 3-wheeler-1024x679

jerry can, sandy beach


tricycle, chair



for the internet orange for the internet triangle

throwing down some dirty shapes

container wall 2 (online version)wall white square (online version)geometric vent (online version) white wall bolts (online version) faded wood squares (online version) wood brick cement (online version) wood line dark (online version) simple door plug and white wall(online version)pale northern bleached colors

bruised by abandoned scars

the weight of space

Summer days

summer 2014up by the tracksfence 2014 for the interentclothes line

summer days milling about

the alleys and backyards that

stretch on like a secret maze

always changing

never the same


Summer Styles

garage door 2014 35mm summer 2014 bike

boat hulls

blinds 2014 bottom of boat 2014 double exposure 2014 1

locker life

locker1 locker2.5 locker4 locker3 locker2




a yellow sign on a grey wall

wood holesyellow diamonds








day and night

52370015  52370036

the guest room




just remember



rats get stitches

wood. you.



garage doors


just can’t stay away

the flash is back

lost and found

the rust indicates a passing of time

the pile suggests a good idea


parking lot blues


pool closed

before the rain

murky waters

Alcove Listpoem

Alcove Listpoem

backyard adventures

with prying eyes

and fluttering hearts



run off

 Amy Vaillancourt

canal truck stop

An epic adventure along a dead dream.


through thick and thistle



ice cold

in to the cave of our minds

thick with icy dreams

and thawed sparkles

against the wall


blue bird


new shapes

and stray cats

car sandwiches

end of the line


rearview moss

urban hunting

raccoon candy-cane

flavor of the week.

toes in the water

to the monsters who get away.

bouncy tree

bare footed

ambling over leaves,
fallen trees
in the morning.

split personality

one half.

out for a walk

cage. bird.