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urban hunting

nyc subway myth is REAL

did you know that alligators live in the nyc subway system?
joyce hackett knew and so did amy vaillancourt.
vaillancourt made her way to new york.
she bought a ticket into the subway.
she began the waiting game.
for what?
new shoes? new pet?
few are ever sure of the intentions of amy until they have already become fruitful realizations.


“hey do you girls want a paper bag for that beer?”

“um no, not really.”
he hands us a small sized bag from within his bag, identical to the one covering his tall boy of cours light.
“uh thank you,” i respond, covering up the same labeled can in my hand.
“you know that it is a 25 dollar ticket if you get stopped by the police with open beer?”
“wow that is like a deal where we come from.” jessica and i look at each other and nod in agreement.
we all sit on our benches and take a few sips looking out over the water. taking in its horizon.
“you know if you want to find an interesting time you could go down to the public court house. there is always a lot of action there. you don’t even need the ticket.”
“oh ya. i guess that is an idea,” i reply, looking over my shoulder at the tattooed russian hoodlums playing hand ball in cages, glistening with sweat. we sat there and finished our beers as night fell around us. i was quite happy where i was, this place was nutty enough for me.

sights set

“deceptive lizard”- Apatosaurus

Marsh, the inventor of the brontosaurus made a purposeful mistake. The bones for his creation were assembled from a head and a body found in separate quarries, as well as in different strata. Yet it remains one of the most complete skeletons ever exposed even to this day. A fabrication of magic and legend warming out hearts to the cold blooded building sized lizard.

One must study their prey before the hunt in order not to be deceived.

summer heat

brooklyn boys beat the heat with snow cones and broken fire hydrants.

montreal girls hit the rooftop for cool breezes.
either way it was way too hot to stay inside.
good times new york until our paths cross again.