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concordia studio at the beginning

beach times



Thematic instillations clinging to the dirty yellow coated sweating wall

printed piece of paper

wish you were here

for prosperity

price tag value

camp haze

the rules


leaving messages

what kind of life?

35 b and w roll developed in a motel bathroom

what is a thought? what is a horizon?

those eyes

the line

in the middle of it all


a carnival of gestures

assessing situation

the silhouette

the Shadow

narrow margins

understanding fear

layering consequence

filling in the gaps

crayons and protocols  

unapologetic decline

studio window

right time                        right place                   right light                      right angle

late night television


I want to speak to sexuality in secluded places, tiny rooms and dark parks, rough conversations about misinterpretation and emotion.  I want you to think the thought, of a tiny flicker, of individual humanity that can exist at the interface of imagination. I saw two girls touching each other on late night television, seemingly enjoying the experience, which I suppose aroused an adolescent reaction in me. But there was no replay in those days so I just let it be a moving event, but that moment in time still bleeds through the layers which have piled on top of it. There is a fascinating clarity to the lack of immediate understanding, by the replacement of thoughts with feelings. A solitary experience viewed, remembered.  Sitting in a dark room with a flicker of light wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing as I was, feeling the same way I felt.