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a stop animation film, inspired by street culture and human remnants.

Jack Hunter and The Case of the Missing Wallet

If you haven’t seen Scarlett’s Mask, start there.

Jack Hunter & the Case of the Missing Wallet from Jesse Snakeboots on Vimeo.


The Look

you, me, effigy

siobhans get-a-way

Scarlett’s Mask

vespa fever

shark baby

fallen camera rises again

the killing scene (out takes)

this is a scene that does not fit the ‘script’.
this is filmed in super 8.
this is the slowest runner in all the world playing their instruments.
this is a bus graveyard.
this is a beautiful frenzy.
this is guts and glory.
this is thank you.

Faced with Plate

dandy lions

if you wake up planning to go to a castle

and find out it has been replaced by a condo
don’t cry in the rain
climb walls that outline a distant castle
a castle so far it is only in your mind
you can hide in the grass
romp in dandelion dander
loiter by highways
and all this will make you feel as grand as any ruined castle ruins

the last 29 days with my teeth

most people will probably think this a joke. but its not. richard rossetto is the character with the teeth. more recently without. if you have lived in montreal for any good amount of time, you probably have met him. we go back a few years now, back to the days of RichHard. back to the days of softball, white russians, scream singing, and pink panties. i hope its okay to talk about the old days. the old days are where its at these days. i suggest you check out his art at, he’s really good. anyone who is lucky enough to call rich a friend knows what it’s like for someone to have your back. i’ve learned so much from this guy over the years, and i’m truly lucky to call this man a friend. this is the first video i ever made, and it could have been the last. i’d have been happy with that. the cuts are rough, the framing a little crooked, and the final effect speaks to kind of antics i love. enjoy.

Cereal Killer

once upon a time, in montreal, and in the summer, a few friends met up in an old apartment and set out to have a little fun. as it sometimes is with creative whims, the encouragement of having others around to unravel and roll with peculiar half baked ideas sparks results. the apartment was particularly iconic, in that it had 15foot high ceilings, a second kitchen for us to make an exploding mess in, an antique gas stove and an a old wooden ladder which lead to a

trap-door on the roof. the team, some of whom who have left montreal, were amazing. there were story boarders, directors, technical assistants, special fx people, actors, lovely lunch makers (hold the meal worms) and editor extraodinaire. this film was shot in 2005, and its due time for a sequel i’d say, there’s a new project in the works, so stay tuned.
cast and crew: ben, amy, vanessa, aliya, jessica, victoria, and danny

nothing to robot in 60 seconds

beats by zgeb
animal costume humbly worn by amy v., grace and adam h.

what a bunch of squares

this is one of those one minute, one take, once in a life time directorial experiences.
pretty sure that walmart, or bell, kraft or some corporate clowns just made this same type of video. what this means of course is that i have the same level of artistic know-how in first year video art class as the multi million dollar advertising teams of corporate america…
oh and i forgot to focus the camera which is why its so blurry.