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the last 29 days with my teeth

most people will probably think this a joke. but its not. richard rossetto is the character with the teeth. more recently without. if you have lived in montreal for any good amount of time, you probably have met him. we go back a few years now, back to the days of RichHard. back to the days of softball, white russians, scream singing, and pink panties. i hope its okay to talk about the old days. the old days are where its at these days. i suggest you check out his art at rossettoink.com, he’s really good. anyone who is lucky enough to call rich a friend knows what it’s like for someone to have your back. i’ve learned so much from this guy over the years, and i’m truly lucky to call this man a friend. this is the first video i ever made, and it could have been the last. i’d have been happy with that. the cuts are rough, the framing a little crooked, and the final effect speaks to kind of antics i love. enjoy.