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from the horse’s mouth

we wake up early to find out that a road-trip is happening that day, a vague plan slovenly made while inebriated the previous night, ‘we’re going to the country‘ was the basic idea. it’s the first day of vacation and so it works out perfectly. first we drive to the south because darryl has to work. its not as nice down there, but almost as far as our northern destination.

no one is home when we get to greg and tibors. it’s raining lightly and the grass is long, shoes and pants won’t fare well we figure so they are left in the car. barefoot through the forest towards water–we know there is a river somewhere in some direction… we follow jan’s giggles and stop to look at red and then white mushrooms that look like they glow in the dark. i took a few pictures. we crossed a foot bridge over the creek, and felt the wood rotting under our feet and give way. at some point, due to our dallying we loose j. j then amy slosh through this tunnel where the creek gives way to the river. jan was already swimming and the fog and rain barely disturbed the mirror image of trees on water. i take what feels like forever so scramble across the rocks, slippery and treacherous. we swim around, sling mud, fight the current for an hour or so– by this point its truly raining hard. so we go back another way, straight up it feels, crab apples and wine, small animal traps, neighbours dogs, barbed wire, forking paths, honey sandwiches, and farm animals…more about this last point coming soon…