route 99

post number 99.

this one is dedicated to the kamloops contingent,
unfortunately my pictures of other rob a.k.a rubber toe, a.k.a. lazer beam, a.k.a. lazer toe are not at my disposal here in chelsea. sad. cause they are obviously hilarious.
luckily for the others, i have enough material to sufficiently remind myself of the fun that awaits me in the west. i was asked by ‘the lord’ (a name delineated from jamie c) about what i wanted to do while i’m there. basically from the stories i’ve heard, i’ve concocted a patchwork plan which is somewhere between the daily routine jaime and i used to have and some pretty amusing activities… will we for instance be chased by tumble weeds? will we drink at the country bar below where b and j used to live? to be honest, i’ll be happy with whatever ends up happening, i’m just excited to see everyone again!

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