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BenB then and now

Ben Borden is a texan-turned-montrealer. he tends to live in small spaces–closets serve him just fine. i don’t know this for sure, but i imagine that if you were to visit one of these rooms you may happen upon a glockenspiel, a collection of handsome cardigans, framed oil paintings whose artists are unknown, foreign magazines, various cameras, projectors, and synths in varying conditions, the remnants of modest meals. i imagine it to be an interesting sort of space, a neat choice collection of things… the first image dates back to one of the first times i ever saw ben perform, in the old bear loft, and this picture sums it up, if i remember correctly he played that guitar with a wide variety of things (that may have been found kicking around his room). we’ve been following ben’s musical adventure since he moved to montreal, and you can check out his and david ertel’s latest endevor SOLAR YEAR .

Cereal Killer

once upon a time, in montreal, and in the summer, a few friends met up in an old apartment and set out to have a little fun. as it sometimes is with creative whims, the encouragement of having others around to unravel and roll with peculiar half baked ideas sparks results. the apartment was particularly iconic, in that it had 15foot high ceilings, a second kitchen for us to make an exploding mess in, an antique gas stove and an a old wooden ladder which lead to a

trap-door on the roof. the team, some of whom who have left montreal, were amazing. there were story boarders, directors, technical assistants, special fx people, actors, lovely lunch makers (hold the meal worms) and editor extraodinaire. this film was shot in 2005, and its due time for a sequel i’d say, there’s a new project in the works, so stay tuned.
cast and crew: ben, amy, vanessa, aliya, jessica, victoria, and danny