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candy shop


the grey wall at the back by the computers



concordia studio at the beginning

camp haze


a carnival of gestures

assessing situation

the silhouette

the Shadow

narrow margins

understanding fear

layering consequence

filling in the gaps

crayons and protocols  

unapologetic decline

studio window

right time                        right place                   right light                      right angle



a stop animation film, inspired by street culture and human remnants.

recycling dunes

scrap pile 2 scrap pile number 1

Windows Wells

window 1 for the internet
window 3 for the internet window 4 for the internet window 6 for the internet

river piano

denispiano pianochair


my vice

My Vice

Amy Vice


Mark Jacob Skull


just remember



rats get stitches

wood. you.


glass candy

Much like the movement of bodies of water, the overwhelming volume of experience and space leave us connected with the past, present and future.

fold away

down time


playing hooky

parking lot blues


pool closed

In A Tunnel

Listpoem Amy Vaillancourt


morning in alcove


run off

 Amy Vaillancourt



the parade

the emerald isle



no faces

Jack Hunter and The Case of the Missing Wallet

If you haven’t seen Scarlett’s Mask, start there.

Jack Hunter & the Case of the Missing Wallet from Jesse Snakeboots on Vimeo.

heavy metal

some salvaged flesh of a dead laptop.

some scraps on the floor.

some skin in twisted shards.

new shapes

and stray cats

car sandwiches



urban hunting



you, me, effigy

raccoon candy-cane

flavor of the week.

toes in the water

to the monsters who get away.

lays: showcase of a collector

with low funds
in a strange city,
best lit among natural collections of the area.

siobhans get-a-way

split personality

one half.

out for a walk

nyc subway myth is REAL

did you know that alligators live in the nyc subway system?
joyce hackett knew and so did amy vaillancourt.
vaillancourt made her way to new york.
she bought a ticket into the subway.
she began the waiting game.
for what?
new shoes? new pet?
few are ever sure of the intentions of amy until they have already become fruitful realizations.

dusty bluff

rattle snake alley
lined with thistles
exposed dirt
where feet had tread
fences cling
to the edge of cliffs

a hot summer day

hints of summer’s shadow

soon the leaves will fall
then the snow will follow
in gusts of swirling silence



“hey do you girls want a paper bag for that beer?”

“um no, not really.”
he hands us a small sized bag from within his bag, identical to the one covering his tall boy of cours light.
“uh thank you,” i respond, covering up the same labeled can in my hand.
“you know that it is a 25 dollar ticket if you get stopped by the police with open beer?”
“wow that is like a deal where we come from.” jessica and i look at each other and nod in agreement.
we all sit on our benches and take a few sips looking out over the water. taking in its horizon.
“you know if you want to find an interesting time you could go down to the public court house. there is always a lot of action there. you don’t even need the ticket.”
“oh ya. i guess that is an idea,” i reply, looking over my shoulder at the tattooed russian hoodlums playing hand ball in cages, glistening with sweat. we sat there and finished our beers as night fell around us. i was quite happy where i was, this place was nutty enough for me.