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dying every second

depths of layered reality, somewhere between shadowed pasts and ghostly futures.
haunted we are by glimmers of far off white.
even the stars are dying every second.
their light may pass us eventually but it continues and expands the universe further.


one shoe, alone in the alley, missing its usual friend.

an ant’s perspective

the corners we forgot
remembered with two blinks of an eye
i like looking at the ground because i am shy
but sometimes it is nice to look up at the sky

exterior wall accessories

Street side cabinets
figure and organism

Back door specials
the darker places

Portals penetrate
the maze of grottos

Syntactic relations
of transferable language

on the up and up

spiraling staircase
ascending levels
in fall time when
nature puts itself
to sleep

southern aqueduct

retirement dream:

watching ducks swimming in the mote around the medical castle in quaint lakeland florida.

garbage post

over the last little while i have been developing this sort of theory that people are ok with garbage accumulating in certain places. maybe it is that they don’t really notice the piles or maybe it is the unwritten language of city, proper etiquette if you will. it seems partly due to the patterns of human behavior, the necessity of these neutral spots and there is definitely a location issue (slightly off the main street, tucked into a recess, never in someone’s front lawn). it seems that over time these spots become even more useful, somewhat like a reusing center but free, anonymous, ever changing; a reflection of the community itself.

keys and ladders

the logical use of a ladder is to reach higher space. the logical purpose of a key is to gain access to that which has been locked. but what they do have in common? = they are man made and therefore unnatural, in a sense pollution, garbage. but they sure are shiny.

the man who let us photograph the keys is a little bit hysterical, being portuguese, but he says the kids are always coming in asking to take pictures. the street art was done by toby xx on a multiple exposure.

construction tremors

montreal’s biggest problem is that there isn’t enough space to store all the orange cones. consequently, the city is forced to be in a perpetual zone of construction.

the people of montreal dream in orange cone, recounting the times they accidently hit feral tangerine or were forced another route due to a large pile up of cylinders.

to fit in, most have taken to wearing plaid of neon and reflecting.

the issue worsens in that the prevalence of construction cones is so great that they are disregarded and the city was forced to buy new ones that have more significance. violet striped cones are trumping the old fashioned orange and white. the disregard for old cones and reverence for the brighter, bolder cones has significantly increased the coneage in the city.
in montreal, we are all suffering from construction tremors.

a walk in the park

thank you for coming to the vernissage