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slot machine glow


light in the darkness



beach times



Thematic instillations clinging to the dirty yellow coated sweating wall

printed piece of paper

wish you were here

for prosperity

price tag value

camp haze

the rules


rock bottom

i carry it

associate objects
of past moments
i keep them with me

it’s heavy
not easy
a real physicality to burden

i’m a rickshaw puller, carrying this past
this past, the passenger
sitting passive, stagnant
beauty built on being fluid, now rigid

we are sad arthritic hands, wishing for our looser days
and wasting what movement we have left
desiring what we once had

we can’t have what we had

we make anew

leaving messages

what kind of life?

35 b and w roll developed in a motel bathroom

empty landscapes

motel emotion


what is a thought? what is a horizon?

those eyes

the line

in the middle of it all


a carnival of gestures

assessing situation

the silhouette

the Shadow

narrow margins

understanding fear

layering consequence

filling in the gaps

crayons and protocols  

unapologetic decline

studio window

right time                        right place                   right light                      right angle



a stop animation film, inspired by street culture and human remnants.

back when you could just do stencils

photos of photos

layers of contact

late night television


I want to speak to sexuality in secluded places, tiny rooms and dark parks, rough conversations about misinterpretation and emotion.  I want you to think the thought, of a tiny flicker, of individual humanity that can exist at the interface of imagination. I saw two girls touching each other on late night television, seemingly enjoying the experience, which I suppose aroused an adolescent reaction in me. But there was no replay in those days so I just let it be a moving event, but that moment in time still bleeds through the layers which have piled on top of it. There is a fascinating clarity to the lack of immediate understanding, by the replacement of thoughts with feelings. A solitary experience viewed, remembered.  Sitting in a dark room with a flicker of light wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing as I was, feeling the same way I felt. 



chain-link corner

over-lay-fence-2016-for-the-internetleaning in over our balance

anticipating the soft blow


a mind picnic in space

for-the-internet-1 for-the-internet-2

art school

tiles2 tiles3

ceramic tiles

super moon

super-moon-4 super-moon-5 super-moon-2016

concept, you and me.

Halloween is here








anticipation tease


i want you to think about the open road

i want you to think about the people behind these signs

I want you to think about the thing that is going to happen next



truck 1 abstracttruck 2


night walks

#1 #2 #3

recycling dunes

scrap pile 2 scrap pile number 1

Windows Wells

window 1 for the internet
window 3 for the internet window 4 for the internet window 6 for the internet

the contrast

for the internet 3for the internet 2

pump it up

this sale 2016 for the internet


an experiment.
a noise project.
a guided meditation.

no experience required.


we don’t mind if you’re new or old to noise or meditation.
if you’re curious to be engaged, to open yourself to new experiences and to hear some noise, then join us.

practice is a series of  group meditations using noise to induce different transcendental states of awareness and being. this meditative noise series was inspired by the theories underpinning sound healing and brain entrainment. research has shown that sound frequencies can impact physical phenomena to the point of transforming the molecular structure of matter.  from this spring board, sound healers were interested in how the natural vibrations of the body are affected by the frequencies of sound. it has been seen that certain frequencies encourage different experiential states, such as divinity, balance, and focus, among others. the solfeggio scale, a 6-tone scale that was used in Gregorian chants is tuned to frequencies that are known to alter states and induce a connected sense of spirituality. in addition,  research on brainwave entrainment theory has gathered substantial evidence showing that brainwaves, which correspond with our mental states as well as our vigilance to consciousness, are influenced by rhythms, pulsations and specific frequencies. thus through sound, we can alter our cognitive and emotional states and we can bend our sense of reality.

wanting to know for ourselves, practice is a serial investigation of the transcendental properties of different frequencies and rhythms. each session features a noise artist, who, informed by their own knowledge of sound and the principles of transformative frequencies, creates a meditative set intended to experiment with the possibility of altering the state of listeners. but we cannot do this alone. join us  and explore your own awareness of noise, space and being.

what to expect:
each session will be different, but will have noise, a guide, a sitting area and a hope that you will engage in listening in an open, meditative, exploratory way.

the series.

find us on facebook.

artists who would like to be involved in future sets, please email me: janntomaro @



casual entertainment

internet canvas %22it must be nice%22

Fading signs

INTERNET call now

what was my room

2 3

Submissive mirror



Silence evaporates like puddles

Clay left until it cracks

Pointless to stay

Strange to walk away


Who am I to say regret exists

There are tears in all our eyes

fence it.

for the internet 1 for the internet 2 for the internet 3

pieces of time

for the internet

the roof is the sky

dark tummel stairs to the roof

horizontal and vertical pillars

shadowed by curtained walls

3 wheeled bicycle

amy 3 wheeler 3-wheeler-1024x679

jerry can, sandy beach


tricycle, chair


Pile up

for internet cones 1 for internet cones 2CONES


for the internet orange for the internet triangle


for the internet rustyfor the internet rusty 2